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To accelerate brands,
organic search and traffic.

We are an agile
international agency

with hubs in London and Amsterdam, helping clients improve their online search performance and building their brands through PR, content & SEO.

Results that move the needle

We deliver results through a unique blend of traditional and digital PR techniques, technical SEO know-how and effective content that builds brand equity. Our success is measured on relevant KPIs, tracking the impact on both traffic and brand visibility against competitors.

Driving performance and
brand equity:

Wherever your audience is

Whether you’re launching a new service in the UK and the US, an e-commerce campaign in France and Germany or building thought leadership in Brazil and Spain – we’ve got your back.

We offer a one-stop solution to drive the results you need, wherever your audience is, in over 25 markets across North America and LATAM, Europe, the UK, and English-speaking markets in APAC.

With Digital Trails, you will work with one team to deliver across multiple markets, saving you time and budget that would usually be spent hiring and managing multiple local agencies. We make it simple.

With a highly qualified network of specialists on tap in over 25 markets, we build your brand and campaigns to be globally coherent and locally impactful.


D2C & Marketplace Ecommerce

Local & international online retailers ranging from fashion, interiors, tech & gifting.

Healthcare, Fitness & Nutrition

We work within the healthcare and wellbeing industries and understand regulatory restrictions.

Fintech, Insurance & Legal

Fintech, insurance and legal service providers from small independent operations to international challenger brands.

Education & EdTech

From higher education institutions and business schools to tech innovators in the educations space.

Travel & Leisure

Airlines, cruise companies, hotels, vacation rental marketplaces and more.

We've generated over 10,000+

PR placements and links

Case Studies

Links and PR placements are just the output. Our campaigns don’t stop at that – they drive measurable results that have a tangible impact on your business objectives.

Whether you’re looking to increase organic rankings, launch new products or services, drive seasonal sales, increase referral traffic, or establish and own a narrative, we’ve got your back.

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